9 Cabin Locations to Avoid

Avoid booking a cabin in one of the following locations on-board your cruise ship:

  1. Cabins under, near or above late-night venues such as night clubs, lounges, bars with music.
  2. Cabins close to a self-service launderette (the machine & the people make a lot of noise).
  3. Cabins right under the pool deck because of the noise created by the passengers dragging deck chairs, pool parties, games and loud music. 
  4. Cabins under the promenade deck - the noise of the early runners may cut your night sleep short.
  5. Cabins on lower deck aft, due to the noise from the engines.
  6. Cabins with 'obstructed views' - these offer a very little view of the outside, are often sold at the last minute with strong discounts. 
  7. Cabins forward on a lower deck - the noise from bow thrusters or arrival in tender ports when the anchors are lowered. 
  8. Cabins under, above, or adjacent to children's clubs (unless you have kids) due to the noise and kids running around. 
  9. Cabins adjacent to crew or service doorways as they often slam the door.