Can I Travel With A Different Name On My Passport?

No - Your travel documents should have your current, legal name. If it is not the case, you will be required to provide documents to support the change.

Blanket rule:

It is very important that the guest’s full name (First name & Last name) on the cruise and airline ticket is the same as the traveller's non-expired government-issued photo I.D. document that is used for travel identification.

In the event that a different name has been used between the cruise/airline ticket and the government-issued photo I.D. document, as a result of a marriage, divorce or any legal name change, documentation (clear legible copies or original) supporting this change is required, such as a marriage license, marriage certificate or legal name change court documents.

Failure to provide such documentation could result in denial of boarding.

We would recommend the traveller to contact us in those cases for Hupla to inform the supplier beforehand and make the booking process smoother.

Maiden name or married name

We strongly recommend the newly married or soon-to-be-married make their cruise booking in their maiden name (do not include the married name) if the non-expired government-issued photo I.D. is in the maiden name. If the booking has been made in the married name, please see the above information.