MSC Cruises South Africa - Hollard Travel Insurance Policy

The COVID-19 Insurance that is included in any MSC Cruises booking made in South Africa for the local 2021/2022 season

Summary of the policy -  download here the full Hollard Travel Insurance including Covid-19 

The below summary is for quick reference only, the official Hollard Travel Insurance sent with your ticket is the only document that 



In general, Children share the cover with an accompanying adult when, unless a premium for the child is shown on your MSC booking form. 


  • the Personal Accident benefit if you are younger than 65 years of age
  • the Overseas Medical Expenses benefit if you are younger than 86 years of age
  • All other benefits: no age limit 
  • exclusion: a heart attack or signs of a heart attack / or a stroke or signs of a stroke if you
    are 70 years or older.

When cover starts

Your cover (and this policy) starts at different times depending on the benefit: 

  1. The Cancellation benefit starts 12:01 am (just after midnight) on the date after you paid your
    cruise deposit.
  2. The Overseas Medical benefit starts when you pass through passport control from your home country.
  3. All other benefits start as soon as you have checked in for your cruise or connecting flight.

When cover ends

 Your specific covers (and this policy) ends at different times depending on the benefit you are
claiming under and whether you have connecting flights in your home country:

  • The Cancel for Named Reason benefit ends on the date of departure from your home country as soon as check-in opens for the cruise.
    • The Curtailment benefit ends on your booked date of return to your home country as shown in your itinerary.
    • The Overseas Medical benefit ends when you pass through passport control back into your home country
    • All other benefits end on the earliest of the following dates:
      • when you pass through customs back into your home country
      • 00:01 on the date you reach the maximum age limit
      • 00:01 on the termination date of the agreement between MSC and Hollard
      • On the date Hollard arrange an available flight/transport for repatriation back to your home country, if you refuse to be repatriated.
    • Hollard will extend your cover automatically if you have an overseas medical claim approved by us whilst on your trip before your date of return and you are medically unfit to return on the booked date. 


Close relative

Limited to the below relatives who reside in your home country. Your:

  • Legal spouse or fiancé(e)
  • parent, parent-in-law, step-parent or legal guardian
  • biological child, legally fostered child, legally adopted child, stepchild, grandchild or
  • biological or step-sister/brother
  • grandparents

Close contact

Before departure: You sit within two seats (1 metre) in any direction of a person with COVID-19 case in any kind of vehicle including buses, minibus taxis, flight, etc.

Refer to the policy for more

Exclusion for COVID-19 cover

Hollard do not pay for Covid19 related claims when you are not fully vaccinated and the below applies to you:

  • 66 years or older, or
  • If your BMI (body mass index) is 35 or above, or
  • If you have a combination of both:
    • Diabetes and high blood pressure (or using medication to control your blood pressure), or
    • Diabetes and high cholesterol (or using medication to control your cholesterol)
  • The cost of any tests when the test result is negative or required for travelling clearance purposes


All claims need to be submitted through using:

The Travel Insurance Claims online submission guideline - is lower down.

Schedule of benefits

Only highlighted here a few common claims - refer to the policy for more
Local Cruises: 7 days or less

 1. Overseas Medical Expenses whilst on your trip Refer to below
Unexpected illness or injury: Not pre-existing  R750 000 
Illness: Pre-existing condition requiring inpatient treatment of 48 hours or more  R500 000
2.1 Cancellation & 2.5 Curtailment Refer to below
An infectious or contagious disease: inpatient treatment  R100 000 
An infectious or contagious disease (cancellation) R10 000/R30 000 per booking
An infectious or contagious disease (curtailment)  R5 000/R15 000 per booking
An infectious or contagious disease (your compulsory quarantine) R2 500 per day, maximum 15 days
Delay in departure of ship of 12 hours or more  R10 000
Being made redundant  R10 000 
2.2 Delay in departure of ship 6 hours or more  Refer to below
Additional accommodation R1 000 1 day / R2 000 2 days max
Additional meals and drinks  R150 1 day / R300 2 days max
Additional transport or taxi to/from the harbour R250 1 day / R500 2 days max
2.3 Delay in return to harbour for 4 hours or more  Refer to below
New flight ticket R1 500 
Accommodation whilst you wait for your flight R1 500
2.4 Missed Cruise (late arrival of incoming flight): 4 Hours connecting allowed  R5 000
3. Personal Baggage  Up to R10 000 
Sunglasses/Prescription glasses/cell phones/ipad/ipod R1 000
Baggage Delay on ship for 6 hours or more R1 500
Excess R500

Note: You will need to keep the slip/proof of purchase to claim anything.


MSC Cruises South Africa Hollard Travel Insurance Claims Online submission guideline

  1. Save all your documents (receipts, tickets, etc.) in PDF format
  2. Visit
  3. Claims (at top of the screen)
  4. Online claims
  5. Submit a new claim
    1. Type of policy: Select MSC Cruises
    2. Enter the booking confirmation number - find on your cruise ticket or ask us for help
    3. Insured person
    4. Travel details
    5. Contact details
    6. Other insurance
    7. Claim history
    8. Declaration
  6. Continue 
    1. Verify e-mail address
  7. Details of claim
    1. Medical expenses
    2. Non-medical expenses
  8. Continue
    1. Upload supporting documents
  9. Continue
    1. Claim details
  10. Continue
    1. Claimed expenses
  11. Continue
    1. Confirmation
  12. Submit

Next Step: 

  1. You will receive a claim number and e-mail with a summary of your claim.
  2. Please upload outstanding documents as per the e-mail you have received
  3. Once the claim is complete your claim will be assessed by a claims assessor.

Please call Hollared Hotline on 0861HLLRDT (0861455738) for assistance