What is a repositioning cruise?

A cruise itinerary that occurs when the ship is moving from one home port to another.

A repositioning cruise occurs at the beginning or end of a cruise season. It is the itinerary where the cruise ship is moving from one home port to the other.

The repositioning cruise will often happen during Autumn or Spring.  

Most of them are long - between 18 and 30 days, with an average of 20 - 25 days.

These are a one-way cruise which, for example, include crossing the Atlantic or passing through the Panama Canal, so you will have to fly home at the end of the cruise. It will visit ports that are not in the mainstream itineraries. 

Many cruise travellers enjoy repositioning cruises as they are often much cheaper per day than a standard cruise. And the entire on-board atmosphere is friendlier and less stressed as the crew have ample time to get to know each passenger. 


A couple of tips for going on a repositioning cruise:

  1. Not for first-time cruiser - are you sure you can handle 20 days at sea?

  2. Know the ship - are you compatible with the on-board amenities?
  3. Choose your cabin carefully - Your cabin shall be your home.
  4. Get some exercise in - A lot of drinks and food for 2-3 weeks will change anyone.
  5. Plan a budget & watch it - You will have a lot of sea days, watch what you spend.
  6. Travel insurance is a must - You are far from home for a while...