Theme cruises

An overview on theme cruises

What is a theme cruise

On a theme cruise though the ship is still operated by MSC, the entertainment is not. Instead, third parties, who are organising that particular theme, are responsible for all entertainment for the duration of the cruise. Theme cruises can also result in certain services or programmes normally offered by MSC not being available. For example, a cruise with a strictly adult theme would mean that MSC will not offer any children’s entertainment.

Is the cost of a theme cruise the same as the cost of normal MSC cruise

It is also important to be aware that there might be an additional entertainment fee charged by the organisers of the theme. This fee will cover the costs of the activities and artistes providing
entertainment as part of that particular theme.

What this means is that if you look at 2 cruises, with the same itinerary and of the same duration, but with different departure dates, the cruise with a theme will likely cost more than the cruise without a theme.