What shall I wear on Cruise Embarkation Day

We will cover some advice here, but keep in mind that the comfort of our shoes is crucial as it can be a lengthy process.

Anything you wish! Some people who are travelling in groups have special shirts made, such as “Anthea’s Hen Party” or logos or photos printed on them. It makes it easy to identify who is in your party and if they are brightly coloured, to spot each other in a crowd!

Some people like to dress up. We have seen a group of men going on the ship dressed in fishnet stockings, feather boas and shorts!

Others like to have the same hats or garlands. The options are endless and go as far as your imagination.

It is useful to wear shoes that are comfortable, as embarkation is a slow process at times, so you may need to be standing around for a while.

If matching outfits or dressing up are not your thing, then comfortable clothing is a great option.

Depending on the weather, shorts or jeans are good. It can be windy at the port, so a dress might be flying up which is tricky when trying to pull luggage and have documentation ready!