What to expect on a Cruise Embarkation Day

A step by step summary guide on what to expect on a typical Cruise Embarkation Day

It has finally arrived! The day to begin your cruise.

Check your documentation

Before you go to the port, make sure that you have all the documentation that you will require - passports, IDs, birth certificates, tickets and / or boarding passes, etc.

Drop your luggage

Upon arrival, there will be a drop-off point for your luggage. Leave your marked luggage with the porters.


Proceed to the check-in point.

If you have Priority Boarding (Easy On-Board), this will be signposted.

Once you get to the check-in counter, your details on your ticket will be cross-checked with what is in your passport or ID.

Security Check

You will then go through a security point where you will be checked for any weapons and your hand luggage is scanned.

Most cruise lines will not allow any food or drinks to be taken on-board.

Once through security, there is an option for the ship’s photographer to take the official boarding photos of you and your travel party.

Immigration Check

Thereafter, you will go through immigration (when the ship is leaving the local waters).

Have your passport & visa (if needed) ready for inspection.

Ship security

Finally, you will wend your way down to the ship, where you will go through ship’s security.

They will take a photo of each person travelling for identification purposes when leaving and returning to the ship during your cruise (this step is often done during the Check-in process).

Welcome aboard!

You are then aboard and ready to explore your magnificent vessel which you will call home for the next few days!