What to pack & How to pack - for an MSC Cruises in South Africa

A guide on how and what to pack in your hand luggage and checked baggage

What should I take as my hand luggage

Hand luggage is what you might end up relying upon for the duration of your cruise in the unfortunate event that your checked baggage got lost, was left behind or any other eventuality. So it is important to have certain items packed as hand luggage.

The three (03) categories of items that need to be in your hand luggage are: 1) necessities (Travel documents i.e. passport, money, face mask & hand sanitizer, cell phone charger & adopter and medication); 2) emergency items (essential toiletries and one set of clothes to change into); and 3) valuables (jewellery, electronic devices such as cameras and any other valuables as well any breakable items like perfume).

If you are travelling with an infant it is best that they have a bag of their own with all their essential needs.

Is there a restriction (weight and/or size) on hand luggage

Guests on cruises which are 4 (four) nights or shorter can carry on 1 (one) bag each – for this purpose guest refers to both adults and children. Hand luggage may not exceed 126 cm in combined length; width and height including any handles and wheels (length of 56 cm, width of 40 cm, height of 25 cm).

What are the restrictions for checked baggage

MSC do not have a weight or size restriction for checked luggage, however to avoid delays during embarkation and disembarkation as well as to avoid clutter in the cabins there are certain guidelines in place.

Cruises of 4 (four) nights or shorter: 1 (one) bag per guest will be accepted free of charge. Any additional pieces of luggage will be transported subject to availability of space and a charge of US$25 (twenty five US dollars) per piece of luggage. The luggage fee will be added to your onboard account.

Cruises longer than 4 (four) nights: you are encouraged to limit your checked luggage to 2 (two) pieces of luggage per guest.

What type of clothes should I pack

Pack two swimming costumes in case one is wet, and a pair of casual shoes, such as sandals or flip-flops. Shorts, t-shirts, slacks, trousers, casual skirts, blouses and sundresses are all perfect attire for daywear – whether you are indoors or out. Warm-weather cruises can get chilly in the evening so something warm like a jersey, sweater or jacket is recommended.

For eveningwear to bring along please also read under the topic Dress code and theme evenings

Some excursions may require things like closed/walking shoes while some excursions may need you to bring clothing items like hats or swimwear. This all depends on the excursion that you choose to add to your booking.

What electrical appliances can I bring along?

Your phone obviously to keep family and friends updated about how your cruise holiday is going. A camera to capture the best moments. Yes it’s a holiday but you still want to look your best so your hairdryer, hair flat iron and shaving machine are welcome.

What type of plug sockets does the ship have?

The plug sockets on all MSC cruise ships are American (110v) and European round 2-pin (220v) – the ships run on both 110v and 220v. That means South African 3 pin plugs will require a European 2 pin round adapter.

What am I not allowed to bring on a cruise

To learn about what you are not allowed to bring visit our page Are there any items that cruise lines specifically prohibit