Dress code and theme evenings

MSC Cruises is mostly relaxed/casual

Is there a dress code onboard on an MSC cruise

Overall MSC's dress code is relaxed/casual with a few exceptions – theme evenings and when dining at the formal restaurants.If you do not wish to have to dress formally for dinner, then the buffet area or room service are your options.

Swimwear is not permitted in any dining area, this includes the buffet.

Does MSC have theme evenings (not the same as theme cruises)

You can expect the following theme nights:

3 night cruise: Tropical Night – dress in tropical or floral attire.

4 – 5 night cruise: Gala Night / Captains Cocktail – formal attire (men: collared shirt with smart
chinos/trousers with matching shoes. Jackets and ties are optional; women: cocktail dress or a
skirt/trousers and blouse combination with matching shoes). On this evening guests have the
opportunity to have photos taken with the ship captain.

6 – 7 night cruise: Flower Glory/MSC Little Italy – floral ‘60s and ‘70s gear/ dress in the colours of the Italian flag (green, white and red).On longer cruises, the number of gala nights or formal evenings will increase proportionally.

Depending on the cruise itinerary and number of sea days, MSC normally have the theme evening on a day when the ship is at sea. Rarely would the theme evening be on the first night when you are still settling in, nor on the last night when all your bags are packed and you are ready to disembark.