What to do if I miss my Cruise Ship on Embarkation Day?

Some tips if you miss your cruise on embarkation day

If you have arrived too late to embark, it is, unfortunately, unlikely that you will be able to join the cruise in most circumstances.

Report to the ground crew at the harbour, so that you can have a record of not being able to board.

If it was something beyond your control, such as a delayed flight, you should be able to claim a refund from the travel insurance.

The cruise line may refund some of the charges, such as the port charges and service charges, but they won’t refund the cabin fare.

You have the option of travelling to the first port of call to join the cruise, but it may be costly to get there and so not worth the financial outlay.

If you do plan to do this, make sure that you let the cruise line & your travel agent know so that they are prepared for your arrival. 

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