Our Main Cruise Destinations

Arctic Cruises

Enigmatic and mysterious, hiding many miracles.

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The Arctic circle

Africa Cruises

Wildlife, culture and beaches beyond imagination.

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On a cruise to South Africa

Australia & NZ Cruises

Fauna and Flora found nowhere else on earth.

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555x333 Australia | Ondrej Machart | unsplash

Caribbean Cruises

Live on island time.

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Caribbean | Dominican Republic | pixabay

Western Mediterranean Cruises

Spectacular scenery and shimmering seascapes.

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Western Mediterranean

Middle East

Where humankind first built cities and learned to write.

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Middle East | Petra Jordan The Monastery Ad Deir World Heritage | pixabay

Northern Europe

Fjords, Midnight Sun and profoundly beautiful landscapes.

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Cruise to Northern Europe

Central & North America

A kaleidoscope of cultures, scenery, history and adventure.

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555x333 Central America | Semuc Champey (where the water disappears), Lanquín - Guatemala | Alexander Schimmeck | unsplash

Far East / Asia

Mesmerizing temples and shrines; frenetic cities; the perfect harmony of countless cultures.

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Far East Asia | Person Standing on Terraces | pexels

South America

Feel the rhythm of a thousand years of history and heritage.

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555x333 South America | The gorgeous play of light did justice to the mystique of the ancient ruins thats adorned this magical landscape | Machu Pichu | unsplash |  Ayesha Parikh

Positioning Cruises

Relax and enjoy the journey.

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World Cruises

Set foot on six continents; sail through four oceans; visit over two dozen countries.

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555x333 World Cruise