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The Galapagos islands are one of the most beautiful and unique places on Earth. The Silver Origin offers all the amenities and luxury comfort you need, while the expert expedition team provides informative and entertaining guided tours of the islands.

Imagine yourself onboard one of our luxurious cruise ships, enjoying all the comforts of home as you sail through the crystal-clear waters of the Galapagos. With Silversea Cruises, you can be sure that your visit to these amazing islands will be a trip you'll never forget.

Cruise Ship: Silver Origin | Cruise Line: Silversea Cruises

I absolutely loved my experience on Silversea cruises to the Galapagos. The naturalists were so passionate and knowledgeable about the islands and its wildlife, and they made sure we had an unforgettable experience. Thank you for helping me to see some of the most amazing creatures on earth!

Hayley Stanton

Why take a cruise to the Galapagos islands?

  • Enjoy all the amenities & comfort of a luxury cruise ship
  • Explore the Galapagos while being accompanied by expert naturalists
  • Alternate between two unique seven-day itineraries
  • Butler service for every suite
  • 100% all-inclusive when onboard
  • The small size of the Silver Origin – 100 guests only, ensuring an intimate and personal experience

Where are the Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands are situated in the eastern Pacific Ocean, about 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador. They are made up of 13 major islands and dozens of smaller islets. The largest islands are Isabela, Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, and Española.

The Galápagos have a volcanic origin and are one of the most geologically active areas on Earth. The islands are constantly being reshaped by earthquakes and eruptions. As a result, the landscape is constantly changing, with new beaches and coves appearing every year.

It is a popular destination for expedition cruises. Visitors can explore the island's dramatic landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and rich history.

Map of where the Galápagos Islands are

Two 7 days voyages offered

Silversea's Expedition Cruise two seven-day itineraries approved by the Galápagos National Park Service offer guests the opportunity to explore this unique and special place.

The Western Itinerary - San Cristóbal to Baltra circumnavigates Punta Vicente Rosa and visits points of interest such as Tagus Cove and Bahia Borrero in Santa Cruz.

The Eastern Itinerary - Baltra to San Cristóbal itinerary does a circumnavigation of Punta Mangle and visit Darwin Bay & Prince Philip's Steps.

The North-Central itinerary will introduce guests to more of the iconic species that call the Galapagos home, including sea turtles, penguins and iguanas.

But they'll also get to visit the lesser-known bird islands of Genovesa and Espanola, as well as the new destination of Santa Fe island. For iguana lovers, Santa Fe is home to an endemic variety found nowhere else in the world.

If you want to have an even greater time to explore, why not combine both itineraries into a 14-day voyage?

Here are some of the highlights:

Western Itinerary

San Cristobal to Baltra

Portugues Island Cruise _ 3 nights _ MSC Musica _ Durban - Portuguese Island - Durban _ UHIA

Bartolome is a beautiful island with plenty of things to do, including snorkelling and swimming with the penguins. The pinnacle rock is a must-see attraction, and the views from the top are breathtaking

The five majestic volcanoes in Isabela are a major tourist attraction and draw many visitors each year. The view from Punta Vicente Roca is spectacular, and the snorkeling is some of the best in the Galápagos. Visitors can see the caldera from up close and enjoy the marine life that surrounds it.

Punta Espinoza on Fernandina Island is a great place to see marine iguanas. These creatures can be found sunning on the black lava shores, and they are one of the most interesting sights on the island. Fernandina also hosts a variety of other wildlife, including sea lions, crabs and the Flightless Cormorant. This makes the island a popular destination for cruise travellers who want to see as much of the Galápagos as possible.

The island of Santiago is a beautiful place to visit for those who are interested in wildlife. Espumilla Beach is a great place to see sea turtles and Darwin's finches can be found living in the largest Palo Santo trees in the Galápagos. 

Floreana is a beautiful island with a rich pirate heritage. The caves on the island are a great place to find shelter from the stormy seas, and the island's mailing system was a unique way to communicate with other sailors. Letters were placed in a barrel and nailed to a post, allowing sailors on their way home to deliver them. This unique system created a communication network between sailors that was faster than any other at the time.

Easter Itinerary

Baltra to San Cristobal

Portugues Island Cruise _ 3 nights _ MSC Musica _ Durban - Portuguese Island - Durban _ UHIA

Punta Suarez is a great place to view majestic seabirds like Swallow-tailed Gulls, Nazca, and Blue-footed Boobies. The Waved Albatross, the largest seabird to nest in the islands, also inhabits this site. Along with sea lions and marine iguanas, Mockingbirds, doves, and Galápagos Hawks can also be seen on the island.

Genovesa, or Bird Island, is a paradise for birders. The island is home to a variety of bird species, including Swallow-tailed Gulls, Yellow-crowned Night Herons, and the largest nesting colony of Red-footed Boobies. At the top of Prince Philip's Steps, guests can observe the vast colony of Great Frigate birds and Nazca Boobies.

The small town of Puerto Ayora hosts both the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Galápagos National Park Service. Their flagship program is the Galápagos giant tortoise restoration initiative. At the Santa Cruz Centre guests can see both saddle-backed and dome-shaped tortoise and their young. This is a great destination for those who love nature and want to see some of the most unique creatures on Earth.

Seymour Norte is a small, but a beautiful island that is teeming with wildlife. The Magnificent Frigate bird is a common sight, and you can see marine iguanas, Galápagos land iguanas, sea lions, and Brown Noddy Terns. Seymour Norte is a great place to go on a nature walk and see some of the amazing wildlife that the Galápagos Islands have to offer.

San Cristóbal is a paradise for birdwatchers, with over a dozen species of exotic birds that can be spotted in the lush green vegetation and along the cliffs. The Red-footed Booby and Blue-footed Booby are two of the most colourful and easiest birds to spot, while the magnificent frigate birds can be seen gliding overhead.

Silver Origin custom build for the Galapagos cruises

The Silver Origin expedition cruise is all about immersing yourself in the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands. With a team of expert guides, 8 Zodiacs, and all-suite accommodation, you'll have everything you need to explore these islands like never before. Plus, the Silver Origin is the most environmentally conscious ship Silversea has ever built, meaning you can enjoy these beautiful landscapes without harming them.

Technical Spec of the Silver Origin:
Guests: 100 Build: 2020
Crew: 90 Guest per crew: 1:1.1
Tonnage: 5,800 Space per guest: very good

The Silver Origin is the new ship in the Silversea expedition fleet, she is replacing the Silver Galapagos.

Why an Expedition cruise?

Whether swimming with penguins, hiking across lava fields or diving into adventurous attractions such as Zodiac excursions, guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful and remarkable archipelago on earth.

The Silversea Expedition Team is passionate about wildlife and ensuring that guests have the best possible experience while viewing it. Their local experts are all permanent residents of the Galápagos and are fully certified by the Directorate of the Galápagos National Park. They work together with the Expedition Leader to ensure that each opportunity for adventure is planned and evaluated carefully, making the most of the exciting voyage.

When is the best time to go to the Galapagos islands?

The best time to cruise to the Galápagos Islands depends on what you want to see. The islands have two seasons: a cool, dry season (July to December) and a hot, rainy season (January to June). During the cooler season, you can see native wildlife mating and sea turtle egg hatching, while the hot season offers calmer seas with good underwater visibility. Most animals can be seen year-round on the islands, so it's a great destination to visit any time of year.

The Cool and dry Season - July to December

Humboldt Current brings colder water and weather to the islands from July to December. This cool and dry season is the best time to visit for those interested in witnessing the dramatic courtships of Blue-footed Boobies and Short-eared Owls on Genovese Island. In December, the hatching season begins for giant tortoises, which is a major attraction for cruise travellers.

The Hot and Rainy Season - January to June

The hot and rainy season offers guests perfect conditions for swimming, snorkelling and observing the diverse bird life that inhabits the islands. This is also the breeding season for many of the land birds, which means there is a greater chance of seeing some unique mating rituals. Additionally, Galápagos green turtles often nest on the beach during this time of year.

Wildlife on a Galapagos Cruise

You will have the chance of seeing everything from land marine and land Iguanas to green sea turtles, Galapagos Sea Lions, whitetip reef sharks and an abundance of bird species. A true paradise for bird and nature lovers.

What to pack on a Silversea Galapagos Cruises

When packing for a cruise to the Galapagos, daytime attire is always casual both on and off the ship. Standard sportswear such as non-skid, flat or low-heeled shoes for deck activities are recommended. For evening attire, open-neck shirts, trousers and sports outfits are also appropriate. When dining, more formal attire is recommended, as jeans and shorts are not permitted in The Restaurant, the Origin main restaurant.

Clothing that can be layered to accommodate different temperatures is highly suggested, as the Galapagos can experience a wide range of weather conditions. It is also important to pack sunscreen, hats and sunglasses, as well as an insect repellent to protect against mosquitos. Finally, don't forget to pack your camera and binoculars to make the most of your cruise experience!

All-inclusive Package on Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises all-inclusive voyages provide guests with everything, (including necessary expedition gear) they need for an unforgettable experience, including:

  • Transfers from your home to the airport and back (within 80km)
  • Pre-cruise Hotel in Quito (2 nights)
  • An amazing “Quito by Night” Tour
  • All national Park fees
  • Enrichment lectures by a highly qualified Expeditions Team
  • From nature hikes to kayaks all shore excursions are included
  • Butler service in every suite
  • Free WIFI
  • Choice of restaurants, diverse cuisine, open-seating dining
  • Beverages throughout the ship including select spirits and wines
  • In-suite room service
  • On-board entertainment & gratuities

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