Explora Journeys, the luxury lifestyle brand of the MSC Group, known for its transformative ocean travel experiences, has proudly announced its partnership with EHL Hospitality Business School, a global leader in hospitality management education.

This collaboration is set to redefine the world of luxury cruises with an unrivaled guest service experience aboard Explora Journeys’ fleet of up to 6 luxury ships.

Blending Hospitality Education and Practical Expertise

The crux of this partnership lies in the fusion of EHL's pioneering methods in hospitality education with Explora Journeys' practical expertise in providing exquisite guest experiences.

The result? An innovative Guest Experience Foundations training program for all onboard employees at Explora Journeys.

The program is designed to fortify the company's already robust and unique service culture, ensuring the delivery of exceptional guest experiences with a distinct European flair. Michael Ungerer, CEO of Explora Journeys, emphasizes the company's commitment to investing in training and development, stating, “This partnership development will enable us to offer our employees world-class luxury hospitality education and represents a significant step in ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional guest experiences.”

EHL Certified Training: Empowering Onboard Employees

With EHL certified trainers delivering the Guest Experience Foundation modules, employees will have access to both essential skills and advanced knowledge required in the luxury hospitality industry.

The program also incorporates online refreshers for in-depth study and onboard activities led by trained managers to further reinforce key lessons.

A testament to the dynamic nature of this partnership is the co-designed module for managers, known as ‘Leading Guest Experience’. This module equips managers with tools for on-the-job reinforcement, fostering an environment that continually prioritizes exceptional guest experiences.

A Harmonious Partnership Paving the Way for Luxury Hospitality

Markus Venzin, CEO of EHL Group, expresses his delight in this partnership, highlighting how EHL's expertise in luxury hospitality education complements Explora Journeys' commitment to luxury experiences.

“Our programme is designed to ensure that the employees at Explora Journeys receive the highest quality of education and training that will enable us to create and drive the company's growth and success,” states Venzin.


The Explora Journeys and EHL Hospitality Business School partnership paves the way for a new standard in luxury ocean travel. By bridging the gap between world-class luxury hospitality education combined with and practical luxury cruise expertise, this collaboration promises an unparalleled guest service experience aboard the future fleet of Explora Journeys. And with this, a new era of transformative luxury ocean travel begins.