MSC Ships: List by Age, Size & Dates

MSC Cruises is the world's largest privately owned cruise line and currently operates a fleet of 19 ships—with 3 new ships planned to enter service by June 2023. With a variety of ship sizes, MSC Cruises offers something for everyone, ranging from the MSC Sinfonia (2,546 passengers)—their first ship in operation—to their latest ship, the MSC Seashore, which entered service in 2021 (5,877 passengers).

MSC Cruises operates year-round in the Mediterranean and some of the most popular cruise destinations worldwide, including the Mediterranean, South America, and South Africa. MSC Cruises prides itself on providing a true Mediterranean experience aboard its ships.

MSC Ships in alphabetical order




Armonia means harmony in English, and the MSC Armonia has this in buckets. Minimalist fittings, beautiful clean lines, and soothing and tranquil colours will leave you feeling that you have escaped to your happy place.

Renovated: 2014 | Occupancy: 2,679

MSC Armonia on the shore of Dubrovnik, Croatia 450x300


Be awed by the beautiful MSC Bellissima. Aboard the ship, there is ample public space, but this does not mean that she is not packed with plenty of entertainment options, bars, restaurants, a spa, and more! A walkway spans two decks, the highlight of which is the massive dome covering the ceiling—480 square meters of LED screens. For the active, choose from pools, a sportsplex, a gym, bowling, or F1 Simulators.

Launched: 2019 | Occupancy: 5,686

MSC Bellissima in Jedha


From the sublime to the divine, MSC Divina does not disappoint with her elegance and comfort. As the godmother of MSC Cruises, Sophia Loren was the inspiration for this vessel, as evidenced by the sumptuous suite named after her. Take a dip in the Infinity Pool or watch a show in the Broadway-sized Pantheon Theatre.


Launched: 2012 | Occupancy: 4,345

MSC Divina in Lisbon, Portugal


MSC Fantasia is modern, yet stylish with that Italian flair for which MSC Cruises is known. Where else can you walk on a Swarovski Crystal floor? With plenty of entertainment for both the under 18s and the adults, including a 4D cinema, F1 simulator and the Aqua Park, there will never be a dull moment.

Launched: 2008 | Occupancy: 4,363

MSC Fantasia in Doha


Launched in November 2019, MSC Grandiosa is packed with features - speciality restaurants, the Jean-Phillipe Chocolat and Cafe, race water slides, Himalayan rope bridge suspended above the ship, Virtual Reality Maze and more. This ship is one of the most environmentally friendly at sea, ticking the box for greener travel.

Launched: 2019 | Occupancy: 6,334

MSC Grandiosa in the Port of Rotterdam


One of the MSC ships refurbished in the 2015 Renaissance Programme, the MSC Lirica offers traditional cruise ship comfort, with wood, marble, and brass finishes throughout the vessel. There is plenty of space to spread out and find a spot in the sun to enjoy a cocktail or a quiet coffee. Cool down in the pool or Doremi Spray Park before heading to the Broadway Theatre to enjoy a show.

Refurbished: 2015 | Occupancy: 2,679

MSC Lirica


MSC Magnifica is refined yet opulent in feel - truly magnificent, just like her name. She is part of the Musica Class of MSC cruise ships. Enjoy the swimming facilities, including an indoor pool with a retractable roof, allowing you to enjoy it whether rain or shine. Relax in one of the 4 jacuzzis or in the Solarium. Perhaps you fancy dancing the night away in the T32 Disco or taking your chances with Lady Luck in the Atlantic City Casino.

Launched: 2010 | Occupancy: 3,223

MSC Magnifica at Pago Pago


MSC Meraviglia was the first ship in the MSC fleet to be launched with MSC for Me - an app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone. This was one of the many firsts - including the first ship in the fleet to have a water slide that went out over the side of the ship; the first ship in the fleet to offer exclusive Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows in a purpose-built theatre; and able to dock at any cruise port in the world, meaning a wider variety of destinations is possible.

Launched: 2017 | Occupancy: 5,655

MSC Meraviglia at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve


With the elegance and class of any fine lady, the MSC Musica will not disappoint. There is a spectacular waterfall in the foyer, which spans three decks and right in front of which is a transparent piano, poised on a suspended, crystal floor. The plush Teatro La Scala, seating over 1200 people, will enable you to settle in and enjoy a show. Kaito Sushi Bar is the ship's specialty Japanese restaurant.

Launched: 2006 | Occupancy: 2,550

MSC Musica in the harbour


MSC Opera was extended and refurbished under the Renaissance Program. There are new facilities that have been added, such as the spray park, as well as a host of extra balcony cabins and an enlarged restaurant - giving even more space to turn out culinary delights. Fans of opera will smile at the fact that each deck is named after a famous opera.

Launched: 2015 | Occupancy: 2,679

MSC Opera cruising down the Norwegian Fjord


Like a well-tuned ensemble, the MSC Orchestra has the perfect combination of elegant interior design, quiet places to unwind, facilities for the active, (like 5 gorgeous pools and a gym), as well as wonderful restaurant options - choose from Dim Sum at the Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, top-notch pizza at La Piazzetta or Four Seasons Italian dining.

Launched: 2007 | Occupancy: 3,223

MSC Orchestra Ftlauderdale, Florida


As her name suggests, the MSC Poesia is a poem to the ocean. For non-Italians, it is pronounced Poh-eh-zee-uh.) From the sumptuous spa where you can get a relaxing massage, to the Zen Garden and the theatre, decorated in the royal colour of purple, the ship is an ode to MSC Cruises' aim of providing something for everyone.

Launched: 2008 | Occupancy: 3,223

MSC Poesia on the Coast of Naples


As with all of MSC Cruises' ships, the MSC Preziosa is comfortable with Italian flair ever-present. Stroll through the piazza, made with real stone, or take a thrill ride on Vertigo, the longest water slide at sea! One of the beautiful features of the Preziosa is the infinity pool, looking for all intents and purposes like it is part of the ocean. A great place to unwind and be mesmerized by the ocean.

Launched: 2013 | Occupancy: 4,345

MSC Preziosa - in lisbon on her maiden voyage


The first EVO Class Ship, MSC Seashore is inspired by MSC Cruises' vision for cruising in sunny weather and warm waters. Mirroring the Mediterranean way of life by providing indoor/outdoor eateries. To be launched in Spring 2021.

Launched: 2021 | Occupancy: 5,331

MSC Seashores first call at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve


As with all the Seaside Class ships, the MSC Seaside is designed to bring the ocean closer to the passengers. Explore the Waterfront Boardwalk that circles the ship, meaning you can take a stroll in the sun, enjoying the breeze, whilst still being able to access the restaurants and bars from the outside.

Launched: 2017 | Occupancy: 5,336

MSC Seaside  in Siracuse


The MSC Seaview is known as "the ship that follows the sun", as she spends 6 months in each hemisphere, giving the illusion of eternal summer. Take your pick from 7 speciality restaurants or eat in one of the two buffets. Optionally, there is, of course, two main dining rooms, with excellent food displaying all of MSC Cruises' usual flair and panache.

Launched: 2018 | Occupancy: 5,336

MSC Seaview


Honoring many renowned European composers, MSC Sinfonia is a symphony of elegance, comfort, entertainment and delight. She will enthrall you from the moment you step into her cool interior, (before you begin to explore the pools, bars, eating areas, spa, kids clubs and more), right until the second you disembark.

Refurbished: 2015 | Occupancy: 2,679

MSC Sinfonia  anchored outside Portuguese Island, Mozambique


With a host of different music venues, bars and restaurants on the MSC Splendida, you will feel spoiled for choice when deciding where to begin exploring. Tickle your taste buds with real McCoy Mediterranean specialties or spice it up with a Tex-Mex meal. Immerse yourself in a world-class production in The Strand Theatre, before having a flutter in the Royal Palm Casino or shaking those hips in Club 33.

Launched: 2009 | Occupancy: 4,363

MSC Splendida


MSC Virtuosa will be the new jewel in MSC Cruises' crown. Due to be launched in September 2020, delays due to COVID-19 mean that she will be launched in early 2021. With new specialty dining options - such as a tapas bar and an Indochine restaurant - as well as the first Robotic Arm bar at sea, there is plenty to look forward to on this beauty.

Launched: 2021 | Occupancy: 6,334

MSC Virtuosa

Which is MSC newest ship?

Currently, the newest MSC Cruises ship is the MSC Seashore which entered service in August 2021.
The oldest MSC cruises ship is the MSC Armonia. She entered in service in 2001 under the name European Vision. She started sailing under the MSC Armonia banner in May 2004.

List of MSC Cruises ships from Newest to Oldest: Year Built Last refurb* Cost (USD)
MSC Euribia (June 2023) 2023   850 mill
MSC World Europa (Dec 2022) 2022   1,255 bill
MSC Seascape (Dec 2022) 2022   1 bill
MSC Seashore 2021   1 bill
MSC Virtuosa 2021   850 mill
MSC Grandiosa 2019   850 mill
MSC Bellissima 2019   950 mill
MSC Seaview 2018   745 mill
MSC Seaside 2017   745 mill
MSC Meraviglia 2017   950 mill
MSC Preziosa 2013 2021 550 mill
MSC Divina 2012 2021 550 mill
MSC Magnifica 2010 2021 550 mill
MSC Splendida 2009 2017 550 mill
MSC Fantasia 2008 2021 550 mill
MSC Poesia 2008 2021 360 mill
MSC Orchestra 2007 2021 480 mill
MSC Musica 2006 2019 360 mill
MSC Opera 2004 2022 270 mill
MSC Lirica 2003 2021 270 mill
MSC Sinfonia 2002 2015 245 mill
MSC Armonia 2001 2019 245 mill

*the last time the ship was in dry dock

MSC Cruise Ships by size

The largest MSC Cruises ship are the MSC Meraviglia & MSC Grandiosa, at 181,541 gross tons.
The smallest MSC Cruises ship is the MSC Lirica, at 66,132 gross tons.

MSC Ship Name by size Gross Tonnage Length (m) Beam (m) Height (m) Decks
MSC Euribia (June 2023) 181,000 331 43 76 19
MSC World Europa (Dec 2022) 205,700 222 47 tba 22
MSC Seascape (Dec 2022) 169,400 339 41 76 20
MSC Seashore 169,400 339 41 75 20
MSC Virtuosa 181,541 331 43 67 19
MSC Grandiosa 181,541 331 43 67 19
MSC Bellissima 171,598 316 43 76 19
MSC Seaview 153,516 323 41 75 20
MSC Seaside 153,516 323 41 75 20
MSC Meraviglia 171,598 316 43 76 19
MSC Preziosa 139,072 333 38 68 18
MSC Divina 139,072 333 38 68 18
MSC Magnifica 95,128 284 32 60 16
MSC Splendida 137,936 333 38 68 18
MSC Fantasia 137,936 333 38 68 18
MSC Poesia 92,627 294 32 60 16
MSC Orchestra 92,409 294 32 60 16
MSC Musica 92,409 294 32 60 16
MSC Opera 65,591 275 29 54 13
MSC Lirica 65,591 275 29 54 13
MSC Sinfonia 65,542 275 29 54 13
MSC Armonia 65,542 275 29 54 13

MSC Ships by class

Four of MSC ships are among the world's 20 biggest vessels, but not all are supersized. The fleet is divided into 8 different classes by oldest to newest class:

Lirica Class (oldest): MSC Opera, MSC Lirica, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Armonia

Musica Class: MSC Poesia, MSC Orchestra, MSC Musica, MSC Magnifica

Fantasica Class: MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia, MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina

Meraviglia Class: MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima

Seaside: MSC Seaview and MSC Seaside

Meraviglia Plus: MSC Virtuosa, MSC Grandiosa and the new MSC Euribia (June 2023)

Seaside Evo: MSC Seashore and MSC Seascape (Dec 2022)

MSC World: MSC World Europa (Dec 2022)

Which MSC Cruise ships have Yacht Club?

MSC Yacht Club is an exclusive onboard experience available on several MSC Cruise ships. It features private areas, butler service, and upgraded accommodations.

The Yacht Club is available on the following MSC Cruise ships:

MSC Euribia (June 2023), MSC World Europa (Dec 2022), MSC Seascape (Dec 2022), MSC Seashore, MSC Virtuosa, MSC Grandiosa, MSC Bellissima, MSC Seaview, MSC Seaside, MSC Meraviglia, MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia

MSC Ships that do not have Yacht Club:

MSC Magnifica,  MSC Poesia, MSC Orchestra, MSC Musica, MSC Opera, MSC Lirica, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Armonia

For more on the Yacht Club 

On which ships is MSC for Me available?

In 2017, MSC Cruises launched MSC for Me, a digital smart ships programme and mobile app designed to enhance the Guest experience. It was first launched on MSC Meraviglia.

The app is available on MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaside, MSC Seashore, MSC Splendida, MSC Seaview, MSC Bellissima, MSC Grandiosa and MSC Virtuosa.

MSC Cruises by registration (flag)?

The Panama Flag was first used by MSC for the Lirica, Fantasia and Lirica class ships.

MSC Virtuosa, MSC Grandiosa, MSC Bellissima, MSC Seaview, MSC Seaside and MSC Meraviglia are all under Malta flag. The MSC Seashore fly the flag of Italy


MSC Vista was MSC Euribia's previous name. She has since been renamed MSC Euribia and is set to launch in June 2023.

MSC currently has 19 ships sailing with 3 more due by June 2023

MSC Fantastica was renamed MSC Divina in honour of the fleet's godmother, the actress Sophia Loren.

MSC Yacht Club Royal suite 16007 on the MSC Divina is dedicated to Sophia Loren, with pictures of her movies in the cabin.

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