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Unpacking the myths of choosing your Cruise Holiday, the Perfect Destinations and resources to make informed cruise travel decisions in general

MSC Magnifica and MSC Susanna crossing each other. MSC the second biggest maritime transport company.

History of MSC Cruises: the largest privately-owned cruise company

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MSC drink packages, what is on offer? A complete guide

You might want to enjoy a drink or two on your cruise, but you don't necessarily want to spend the whole time worrying about how much money you're spending.

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What is a Guaranteed Cabin on a Cruise and why it is a good option?

Do you know what is meant by guaranteed cabins on a cruise ship? This is one of those questions that people always ask when booking their cruise holidays.

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Cruise Cabin: step by step guide to choosing the right cabin for you

Choosing the right cruise cabin to suit your needs is really important, as you should feel at home when at sea. Even if you spend a significant part of the day with your eyes..

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